Captrain Belgium, a 100% affiliated company of SNCF Logistics, offers you a wide range of services as combined and conventional transport and or last-mile service. We accompany your rail transportation projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.


Captrain Belgium was founded in 2000 as commercial representative of Fret SNCF. It became a railway undertaking in 2007 Captrain Belgium operates all over Belgium and the Netherlands networks though Captrain Belgium, Captrain Netherlands.

Our production facilities are located in Antwerpen Schijnpoort rail terminal and in the Port of Rotterdam.

The operational centers work 24 hours a day.

Key figures

Turnover 2010: 54 M€

Staff : 150



About SNCF Geodis

SNCF Geodis, a benchmark global multimodal operator

Specialised in logistics and freight transport, SNCF Geodis is the second-biggest business of the SNCF Group, with revenue of €9.4 billion un 2011.

The company provides a multimodal offering and end-to-end flow management solutions for customers across the globe. Operating through a network covering 120 countries, the 47,500 employees of SNCF Geodis deliver highly flexible, local services, with all the benefits of a multicultural workforce.