Captrain is a part of SNCF Logistics and covers all international activities of goods railway transportation for the branch. There are Captrain Italia, Captrain Deutschland, Captrain Belgium, Captrain Romania.

The quality of our offer is based on:

  • Cooperation between Captrain companies on the main corridors : using our own means and those of our partners, Captrain offers transportation all over Europe. Our local branches and our experience allow us to follow goods on long distance.
  • Presence at the main European industrial areas and ports: Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bremen, Turin, Milano, Genova, Trieste, La Ruhr, etc.
  • Dedicated means:
    Over 1300 employees
    Multi-cultural and multi-langage teams
    Locomotive fleet including more than 200 locomotives
    Interoperable locomotives
    Over 329 millions euros of turnover in 2013
    65 M tonnes of goods transported in 2012
  • Knowledge of local environnement



Our experience and presence close to customers allow us to study all specific issues related to local logistics market and take into consideration needs of every customer to know more about Captrain